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Advanced Ceramics


Marketech offers a wide variety of advanced ceramic materials and custom machined ceramic components for mechanical, wear resistant, electronic, and thermal applications. We have the capabilities to offer prototypes as well as high-volume components in a complete range of ceramic materials including alumina, zirconia, sapphire, magnesia, aluminum nitride, tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, and silicon carbide. 


Alumina/Aluminum Oxide: Alumina ceramics from 90 to 99.99% available by Isopress, Punched Press, tape and gel cast.   Ceramic Balls and Bearings: Alumina balls from 90 to 98% for ballistic armor composites and grinding media.
Nitrides/Carbides: Wear resistant tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, BN, Sialons are readily available.   Ceraflex (YSZ): Ultra thin zirconia ceramic in sheet form for fuel cells, oxygen sensors and instruments.
Machinable Ceramic Materials: Special grades for machining and for superior thermal shock resistance   Ceramic Substrates: Alumina, aluminum nitride (AlN), CVD SiC, special dielectric materials for electronic applications.
Oil Field Parts: Ceramic sleeves, plungers and valves for oil extraction applications   Zirconia/Zirconium Oxide Zirconia Ceramics, fully or partially stabilized, CERAFLEX thin sheets for fuel cells, CRYSTAL PSZ for low friction.
Sapphire Ceramics: Custom engineered parts precisely machined.   Honeycomb Ceramics: Marketech offers cordierite ceramics for automobile and waste gas catalyst support, and metal filtration.
Special Materials: MgO, CeO, BeO, Mullite, Spinel, Zero Exp. Steatite, Cordierite, and others.   Repton Setter Tiles: Refractory Setter Tiles used in the firing of ceramics, SOFCs, capacitors, ferrites, and metals.
Silica: Fused Silica, Pyrex Glass & Quartz are also available from Marketech.   Special/Large Shapes for Semiconductor Equipment (pdf 416k) Gel cast shapes from alumina, zirconia, and mullite up to 72".

Ceramic Products Fabrication and Selection

Most ceramic materials can be formed by several techniques including: isopressing, injection molding, slipcast, gel casting, tape casting, and dry pressing. We can often reduce cost by machining before firing followed by diamond grinding to achieve tight tolerances where necessary.

We offer a range of fabricated shapes including custom machined parts, tubes, honeycombs, crucibles, setter tiles, and substrates. Finished parts can be glazed, metalized and brazed. We will prepare metal parts for a complete assembled package.

We offer ceramic engineering services to assist customers in their choice of materials, optimizing their designs to match ceramic processing and product requirements or you can access our online recommendations.

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